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    Atlantic Monthly - Success Story: Blacks in the Military
    This article written in May 1986 discusses the success black soldiers have enjoyed in climbing the ranks of the military.
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    The Internet's Cavalry Authority! Cavalry history, traditions, units, news, photos, links, trivia, humor, Armored to Air Cavalry, Napoleon to Vietnam and more.
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    Comando Supremo
    The stories of (Italian) cowardice carried in the British press, like all things else in wartime, were designed for home consumption by civilians."Siege: Malta 1940-1943 by Ernle Bradford.
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    Historical Collectibles and Americana. top menu buttons. side menu buttons.
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    Irish Military Insignia HomePage
    Unofficial. Images of hundreds of flashes, badges, rank insignia and brassards used by the Irish Defence Forces, past and present.
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    Italian Front Group Publishing
    A maker of custom, period authentic, historical uniforms, gear and footwear.
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    Landmark Military Books
    Military books site - third reich, Hitler youth, luftwaffe, german ground forces, kriegsmarine, medals, allies, axis, imperial, insignia, armoured vehicles and more.
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    Medal of Honor Recipients
    Name, rank and military unit of Connecticut personnel, for the Civil War.
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    Canadian Military Photographers (active and retired).
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    Military Information Technology Online
    Discusses information technology issues impacting defence matters.
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